Self Service Password Management

Reduce cost for password setting using self-service tools

Cloud Cost New EuroFastPass offers all types of companies and organizations an extremely attractive solution for password management.

The illustration shows the cost of different manual password process compared to the cost of FastPass Cloud (1000PPR is the cost of a voucher for 1000 password resets ) A saving of 50% to 80% without investment should be of interest to all CIO's and CFOs!


  • Fast & Easy Password Set/Reset
  • Availability 24*7
  • Forgotten Passwords is now a private matter
  • Private Passwords for the end user
  • Compliance (SOX, ISO 27002)
  • Process Automation (Eliminate Manual Processing)
  • Accessibility
  • Enhanced Security
  • Minimize cost, time & efforts of Support Helpdesk & System Administrators.

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Password self-service in the Cloud
Reduce direct cost for password self-service in the Cloud FastPass Cloud offers all ..
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