Password self-service in the Cloud

Password self-service in the Cloud
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Reduce direct cost for password self-service in the Cloud

Cloud Cost New Euro

FastPass Cloud offers all types of companies and organizations an extremely attractive solution for password management. No investments, no installation and no subscription fees. You only pay for value: app 4-6€ per password reset / unlock. That’s all – no string attached!! SaaV (Software as a Value) will be the new paradigme for Cloud service.

The illustration shows the cost of different manual password process compared to the cost of FastPass Cloud (1000PPR is the cost of a voucher for 1000 password resets ) A saving of 50% to 80% without investment should be of interest to all CIO's and CFOs!

With FastPass Cloud you only pay for successfull password resets in FastPass. No investment, minimal implementation, no subscription fees. You pay a cost of 20-50% per password reset of your present cost in your manual service desk. The FastPassCloud runs on AMAZON Cloud servers world-wide. 

You still have all the qualities of FastPass Enterprise, and you can configure FastPass Enterprise precisely to your specific requirements.

 You can be up and running in very short time. The only infrastructure activity is the installation of gateway for your domain. This will be accomplished in less than half a day.

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