Zimbra Cloud Productivity Platform

Zimbra Cloud Productivity Platform
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Zimbra Cloud Productivity Platform offers enterprise-level features at, by far, the industry’s lowest price point.

ExohaSaaS delivers Hosted Zimbra and other popular Software as a Service (SaaS) business apps.

Zimbra currently has more than 60 million paid mailboxes, making it one of the fastest growing email and productivity platforms in the world. Our new “Zimbra Cloud” offering is laser targeted for the budgets and productivity needs of SMBs.

Zimbra Cloud delivers more bang for your buck than Office 365, Google Apps, and other competitors. And there are added benefits. ExohaSaaS has packaged Zimbra Cloud with add-on features like NotifySync, Global Relay Archiving, Secure Messaging and inbound / outbound TLS support. This provides your customers with important additional capabilities to help them meet the increasing IT compliancy requirements of today’s market.

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