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World-Class Online Backup for the Enterprise

The Most Secure, East to Use Solution for Off-Site & Local Backup.

ExohaSaaS delivers Intronis Backup and Recovery and other popular Software as a Service (SaaS) business apps.  Portable media is quickly becoming an outdated and expensive method for safeguarding important data.  Our online Cloud backup, archiving and recovery service is a powerful, yet simple to use solution and comes equipped with encryption backup tools previously available only to Fortune 500 companies. This proven technology is user-friendly, reliable, ultra-secure and cost-effective.

Our Cloud backup and recovery service powered by Intronis delivers all the benefits of online backup.  You can preserve all your files in a secure, offsite environment without a major capital investment.  The service uses the same level of security that the top banks in the financial industry utilize for safe online banking.  Files are stored offsite in two mirrored data centers on opposite U.S.A. coasts, so your data is safe no matter what.

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